Binding Energy

The energy equivalent to the mass defect when nucleons bind together to form an atomic nucleus. When a nucleus is formed some energy is released by the nucleons, since they are entering a more stable lower-energy state. Therefore the energy of a nucleus consists of the energy equivalent of the mass of its individual nucleons minus the binding energy. The binding energy per nucleon plotted against the mass number provides a useful graph showing that up to a mass number of 50–60, the binding energy per nucleon increases rapidly, thereafter it falls slowly (see nuclear stability). Energy is released both by fission of heavy elements and by fusion of light elements because both processes entail a rearrangement of nuclei in the lower part of the graph to form nuclei in the higher part of the graph.

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… 354 MeV plus M(Σ+) – m(p) sama dengan 251 MeV. It means that this s -quark baryonic joining energy is larger than the mesonic binding energy. These types of…

Formula to calculate the binding energy per nucleon?...

…[61*P+(147-61)*N- (mass of of the element)]*c^2/147=Binding energy per nucleon…

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binding energy

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binding energy

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