A disc with a heavy rim mounted in a double gimbal so that its axis can adopt any orientation in space. When the disc is set spinning the whole contrivance has two useful properties:
(1) Gyroscopic inertia, i.e. the direction of the axis of spin resists change so that if the gimbals are turned the spinning disc maintains the same orientation in space. This property forms the basis of the gyrocompass and other navigational devices.

(2) Precession, i.e. when a gyroscope is subjected to a torque that tends to alter the direction of its axis, the gyroscope turns about an axis at right angles both to the axis about which the torque was applied and to its main axis of spin. This is a consequence of the need to conserve angular momentum.

In the gyrostabilizer for stabilizing a ship, aircraft, or platform, three gyroscopes are kept spinning about mutually perpendicular axes so that any torque tending to alter the orientation of the whole device affects one of the gyroscopes and thereby activates a servomechanism that restores the original orientation.

Gyroscope ‘Choose Your personal Adventure’ Trip – October and also November 201

GYROSCOPE get earned on their own… with this thought which Gyroscope announce their own CHOOSE YOUR PERSONAL JOURNEY… JOURNEY TOUR is all about Gyroscope, most importantly it really is…
What happens to gravity force when a spinning wheel stays horizontal?...

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If light has momentum and energy will the end of a fibre optic swish around?...

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how can I measure water flow in a small pipe?...

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What are some good games worth buying for iPod touch 4g ?...

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What are the ingredients for anti-gravity soap?...

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Just what Gyroscope?

Physics task Additionally:

Exactly how Functions -The Moving Gyro- (Science As well as Stuff)

Inde i started noticing these types of little silver rectangle-shaped gyros on copters a couple of years back and I had been always curious the way they proved helpful. It did not seam like these people goza…

Gyroscope : A few of the Areas I understand

Spectacular video with regard to Gyroscope’s A few of the Areas I understand. Photo in the durable terrain of non-urban WA, A few of the Areas I Know may be the first one through Gyroscop…

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga exercise 11S

… Additionally, you may have to get accustomed to the particular screen rotating because of the built/in gyroscope and also accelerometer. Lenovo additional its motion manage interface to Win 8 32bit/64bit, even though book it' ersus mare like a trick than a helpful interface, particularly since the contact

Gyroscope re-writing


Gyroscope in the Big Late night Strange


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Gyroscope sådan et shifts


Device Industry – Hygienic Butterfly Valve Producer – Wafer Kind Butterfly Control device

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United states Educational Accuracy Gyroscope, 7-1/4″ Duration x 4-1/4″ Thickness x 4-1/2″ Elevation

Accuracy gyroscope helps pupils understand how and the reason why gyroscopes bring numerous guidance techniques. This can be a well-balanced, top quality gyrosco